Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster:

the Ups & Downs of Writing from an Author’s Perspective


Thursday, July 30th from 7-8:30 pm

Allegan District Library

331 Hubbard Street, Allegan, MI



Allegan Author Christina Thompson will talk about the ups and downs she’s experienced as a writer. She’ll also discuss her newest release, The Garden Collection, answer questions, and sign a few books.


Her novels will be available for purchase ($15) or you can buy your eBook and print copies now on Amazon: http://amzn.to/16U7Y0S


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 The Garden Collection

is now Available!

I’m excited to share this sweet romance. My daughter, Andrea, drew the cover art and captured the essence of the story perfectly … a touch of hope amid Brianna’s bleak reality ...

A few words of encouragement can stay with you for a lifetime. Robert and Brianna’s childhood friendship grew into respect for each other and their ideas. Robert gave her the confidence to stand up for herself. Brianna helped him see his artistic potential and encouraged him to travel for his inspiration. He found it in the letters she wrote.

After her mother abandoned her at sixteen and her stepfather beat her at eighteen, Brianna Carlson now struggles to care for her six-year-old half-sister, Chloe. The day before her twenty-first birthday, Brianna receives news that her stepfather will be released from prison. Half blind from a head injury and still limping from a once broken leg, she’s terrified he’ll come back to hurt Chloe this time. She decides to leave town.

Waiting for their five-year age gap to diminish, Robert Donovan purposely stayed away. While traveling for his family’s jewelry business, he designed The Garden Collection, his newest line of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Returning home, he discovers Brianna had lied in every letter she sent. She never received any of his. Before he can demand answers, she disappears without Chloe.

As Robert learns about Brianna’s life during his absence, he sets out to find her and convince her to trust him again. He hopes the innocent love of their youth is strong enough to heal her injured heart and fulfill his need for a home.

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Explore Sinister Scientific Research

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“This book is for lovers of romance and a good heart-thumping suspense novel.”                           


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Meet the characters
The Chemical Attraction Series

in Christina's Blog

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The Activity Book of Life

Do you remember the activity books we had as kids for those long car rides? The entertaining devices before video games, cell phones, laptops, and eReaders? The variety of pages had Connect the Dots, Color by Numbers, Find the Item, and Word Searches. Well, my least favorite pages were the ones with three squiggly lines like a big ball of tangled Christmas lights. You had to track each line through the maze a swiggles to find the treasure at the other end. I wanted that straight path to the prize. I thought those tracks needed to be smoothed out, which made more sense to me.

I love order. Lists are a joy. They give me purpose. As a planner, my goals were set from an early age──college and career with love and a family in the far distant future──then I met Kraig. (Hizzah!) My life path was starting to look like that activity page. Suddenly my nice straight path started to curve. MORE


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Release Date: July 2014

Their Rigid Rules is the 3rd book in The Chemical Attraction Series. This novel, a prequel, can be read first or last and is the perfect blend of non-stop action and romance.


Taylor Valentine, a senior at Western Michigan University, has had her life planned out since kindergarten. After her parents died while she was still in high school, she had perfected it to make them proud. Now with the help of her best friends, Joe and Eva, she focuses on graduation and a career with romance in the far distant future. However, when the visiting professor enters the lecture hall to a four-weekend Civil War seminar, her perfect plan hits a snag.


As a handsome history professor and former marine, Dr. Stuart Morgan has his own set of strict rules especially with infatuated students. He enjoys his boring yet pleasant life until he starts receiving death threats. With his unwanted bodyguard in tow, Stuart is unnerved by his reaction to Taylor. Their rigid rules discourage all but a flirtation.


As the death threats become evident, the FBI believes Taylor’s the culprit, hindering their budding romance. When Taylor inadvertently becomes the target, Joe and Stuart whisk her away to protect her. Meanwhile, Joe struggles with his feelings for Taylor. He’s loved her since grade school. He won’t let her go and stands in Stuart’s way. The men push her to choose between the lifelong love of her best friend and the true love of her new boyfriend.


With the threats from family and foe pulling them apart, Stuart wonders if they can sustain the stress. Trusting their love, he must somehow convince Taylor to break her rules and embrace a new plan.

A Change of Perspective
in a Single Defining Moment

~~Even before I started writing, relationships have fascinated me, especially the married ones. I love hearing the “How We Met” stories. Couples enjoy sharing their unique history. Some say, “I knew right away.” Others laugh and say, “I hated him at first.” A husband once told me that he chased after his wife for a year before convincing her he was “the one”. The stories may seem similar, but none are the same.

Whether you’ve just met or you’ve known each other for years, there’s that single defining moment when you realize you’re in love with this person. Your perspective suddenly changes, and you think, “Why didn’t I see that before?” Women have mentioned a small gesture from their one that fills them with pure joy. Warmth washes over you, goose bumps appear from a light touch, or your heart flutters with knowing.

My mom said she “knew” almost fifty years ago when my dad placed his hand at the small of her back as they walked along a busy sidewalk. At a dinner party, Kraig held my hand under the table as we ate … an intimate gesture in a crowded room while reassuring me with his smile and dreamy blue eyes. ((sigh)) Oh, um, uh, what was I saying? Oh, yeah.

I think it’s one of the reasons romance novels are extremely popular. Who doesn’t want to feel that newness and excitement of meeting “the one”? It gives us hope that the unlimited possibilities are out there just waiting to happen to us.

In The Chemical Attraction Series, I wanted Joe and Madeline to feel an immediate attraction, then work well together from the start … Them against the World. Joe and Madeline learn throughout the series that their scars make them who they are and what they love about each other. The healing power of Love is incredibly profound.

Matt and Eva Connor, another couple in the series, have been married for ten years and are still crazy about each other. I’ve shared a little of their backstory. Later in the series, I’ll show their unique history of love, sacrifice, and devotion from their beginning.

I truly believe there is nothing ordinary about any relationship. Do you remember that single moment in time when you “knew” you found your “one”? Care to share? Or are you saving it for your own romance novel?

Visit Christina at any of these places:
Publisher website: https://www.48fourteen.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheChemicalA...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChristinaPOV
Amazon Author Page: http://amzn.to/16U7Y0S
Goodreads Author Page: http://bit.ly/GMgINA

One of Life’s Memorable Moments...

This past week, I had one of life’s moments that I will never forget. My son, David, graduated from the Air Force so we attended the four-day festivities at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas.


The celebration included the Airman Run, the Retreat Ceremony, the Coin Ceremony, and the Parade Ceremony. While the pomp and circumstance was all proud parents could ask for, the moment I observed was a quiet unassuming one.


During a private family moment late in the day, David sat with me, my husband, and our daughter away from the crowd in the empty bleachers. We enjoyed his animated stories about his first arrival as an anxious 0-Weeker (The group is also known as Rainbow Flight since they still wore their street clothes) and as a fearful early-Weeker (known as Baby Flight) with their endless running, kitchen duty, and lack of sleep.


All of a sudden, preamble music sounded over the P.A. system. David said, “Excuse me, mum.” He stood up, faced the center of the base toward the flag, snapped to attention, and saluted just as the Star Spangled Banner started playing.


As I observed, I remembered him as a newborn. I had wondered back then what kind of man he would become. I thought about his birthdays, his high school graduation, and all the other firsts. The flood of emotions overwhelmed me, and I cried.


As a writer, I strive to project integrity, loyalty, bravery, honor, and selflessness into the heroes and heroines in my novels. That day, I saw those traits first-hand in my son. My children are my heroes. They inspire me.


The eBook Release of The Trucker's Cat

Some men think there’s a choice between right and wrong. Great men know there is none.” ~General Steven Randall

In The Trucker’s Cat, Samantha Randall and Major Logan McCormick believe in a common value that takes on extraordinary meaning.

At the Russian Embassy where she lives with her mother and stepfather, Samantha uncovers a plot to assassinate the President. Her father’s famous speech urges her to act. She treks cross-country to warn the driver that his cargo has the proof, but she finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Driving a truck on a special military assignment, Logan sees no choice and rescues Sam from a bloated lecher. Against protocol, he gives the wildcat a ride. With Russian soldiers searching for Logan’s cargo and another team chasing Samantha, they quickly realize they must work together. Making sacrifices for the greater good, they will do what’s necessary to prevent the unthinkable.

Link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HQNVSTQ
Link to Smashwords: https://t.co/fbiYCFUe7e

Excerpt from Chemical Reaction

...Joe trekked to his car and drove to his apartment. He carried all of the gift bags, her stuffed Saint Bernard, her suitcase, and his duffle bag to the elevator. He met the head of maintenance as he stepped onto the third floor. Too tired to confront him about opening his apartment to Victoria without his consent, he silently let himself inside and dropped everything in the middle of the room.

He loved his home. His sisters had helped decorate it. He and his brother-in-law, Stuart, hung out and played video games. But tonight, his apartment was an empty shell. He understood why Madeline hadn’t stayed. To have her find a woman in his bed was not how he wanted to start their new life together. Would they have a life together?

In the bathroom, he scrubbed Madeline’s ring and necklace with a spare toothbrush until every bit of soot had been removed. After a shower, he slipped the ring onto the necklace and then put it around his neck hoping to feel her energy. He felt despair. His or hers?

Opening the bedroom door, he saw the unmade bed and a red stiletto on the floor by his blinking answering machine. With a groaning shout, he ripped the comforter, sheets, and mattress pad off the bed and threw them into a pile. Not caring who had left messages, he flung the machine across the room. It hit the wall and shattered. Sitting on the naked mattress, he bent over and rubbed his eyes in frustration.

Was this payback for his past transgressions? As a player over the years, he had hurt many women. Now, all of their pain, hate, and sorrow hit him in the chest with such a profound force he had to gasp for a breath. Bitter anguish gnawed at his heart as he thought about ruining the only relationship he wanted, needed, craved, and may never have. Without her in his life, he didn’t think he could recover. He wasn’t sure he wanted to. Joe slid to the floor and cried...

Get your copy now:
Amazon: http://t.co/JDR4TBh2ZR
BN: http://bit.ly/1bHVJKk

The Offer of Support on those Bad Days

My incredibly empathetic husband noticed I was having a horrible week with the lack of focus in writing, the frustration in promoting, and an unrelenting cold. Kraig is one of the few people in my world that sees daily the joys and struggles I have as a writer. To support me and all the other writers out there who have similar bad days, he wrote the following blog post. Here’s his point of view:

When I talk to friends, relatives, and co-workers, quite often the discussion turns to my wife, Christina, and her novels. Many times, they’d tell me, “I’ve always wanted to write a book.” My answer has been “It’s a lot of work and takes up a lot of your time.” However, I’m not sure it completely describes what I see every day.

Creating stories and characters is an amazing process. In 2005, I suffered a job loss with a company I was with for 22 years. I was depressed. My wife encouraged me to look for new opportunities, one of which was writing. I, too, thought I could do it. Cheering me on, she wrote down her ideas, while I jotted down mine. She embraced the challenge. I, on the other hand, wasn’t as into it as she was. With desire and determination, she continued writing. I realized how passionate she was when I suggested killing off one of her characters as a story twist. Dumb idea … I made her cry.

After making improvements with her storyline and her writing skills, she finally sent queries to many agents and publishers. Then, one night she woke me from a deep sleep. She received an offer from Juanita Samborski, the publisher at 48fourteen. What an exciting time! Her hard work was paying off. Her next step was learning about book promotion. Putting herself out there by writing, tweeting, facebooking, blogging, and book signing takes a courage I don’t possess. She pushes herself every day, so she can be the best she can be while I prefer my safe and comfortable box.

I, now, have a new reply for all those who want to write a novel. “Passion and courage are the #1 and #2 Must-Haves when writing.” I’ve also learned that sometimes you don’t realize how hard conveying a sentiment is until you try to write it … I’m proud of you, honey.

Written by Kraig Thompson, husband of an author, which makes me Awesome by Association…
Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KraigPOV

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Chemical Reaction

the sequel to Chemical Attraction

Her life, their future, and the nation's security are in jeopardy. Joe must now choose between his personal desire and his professional integrity. Can he live with the consequences?

Amazon      BN      Kobo

Meet the characters in

The Chemical Attraction Series

     FBI Agent Joe Roberts dates—a lot. The King of All Players has never had a steady girlfriend. He’s actually searching for “his one.” He wants that instant chemistry like the ones his sisters have with their husbands. With anger in his heart, he’s ready to give up on that romantic notion. Then, he meets Madeline.


     After an abusive relationship, Dr. Madeline Pierce hides behind her nano-research. When she discovers a criminal network within her facility, she’s partnered with Joe. As she becomes bolder, she wants to trust his sweet words, but she wonders if he’s playing her like the men from her past.


     Police Chief Matt Connor adores his wife (Joe’s sister) and works hard to keep his family and rural town safe. When farm animals become violent and meth labs become abundant, his calm demeanor is tested.


     Eva Connor, a petite Irish spitfire, has an opinion on everything and you know it whether you want to or not. Her resolve is shaken as she worries about her brother and the rest of her family.


     On the verge of adulthood, David Connor still likes his video games and comic books. Those things he relates to help the case, but he quickly learns that growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


     Unnerved by her friend’s brutal death, Sylvia Folkert, Madeline’s elderly aunt, needs to change her life. She wonders what else she can do besides run her Bed & Breakfast.


      In The Chemical Attraction Series, the characters’ intertwining relationships transform into even stronger bonds as they work against this dangerous threat.